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Rules of the wing

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Rules of the wing Empty Rules of the wing

Post  Lucky_Jack Tue May 31, 2011 1:32 am

Dolby Axon is a must even if only to listen to orders. This helps everyone know what the targets are and other combat issues.
No spawn camping, unless authorized by an officer.
No killing players who ask for Parley while doing dailies.
No killing low levels, unless attacked by them.
Respect all players in game regardless of faction, this includes no cussing, harassing, intimidating, stalking, sexual innuendos, or rude behavior.
Help fellow colonials when in danger.
Protect low levels when ever possible.
Come to the aid of your wing mates.
Assist in fleet popping battles.
Work as a team 2-10 players, cover each others back.
Try to keep Communications clear unless for combat situations. Casual conversation should be kept to a minimum while engaged, or during Action Station priority one.
Activity is required in order to play and be a part of a working team. It is also understandable that "Real Life" is more important, but if you are found to be inactive for 3 months times or 90 days you will be kicked from wing, unless circumstances are known prior hand and in writing.

Rules may be modified at any time for any reason.
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