Unified Colonial Fleet Coalition
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Wing ranking system

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Wing ranking system Empty Wing ranking system

Post  Lucky_Jack Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:55 am

Unified Colonial Fleet Coalition: wing since 2009

Leader: Harbinger Actual AKA LuckyJack
Executive Officer: Krazymaton
Vice XO: D1
JAG Judge Advocate General: Kristianna
CAG Commander Air Group: DarkToon (or highest ranking strike pilot)
Communication Officer: Colton
Alpha group leader: Krazymaton
Harbinger squadron: White pulse, Green command (Must have application filed in archives of UCFC forum; Also must be active VC, and approved by Krazymaton.)
Bravo group leader: Lil_blome Wraith Squadron
Charley group leader:
Delta group leader:
Echo group leader:
Foxtrot group leader:
CAP Combat Air Patrol:


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