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What is Red Stripes

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What is Red Stripes Empty What is Red Stripes

Post  Lucky_Jack Thu May 16, 2013 1:10 am

Red Stripes are the colonial equivalent to a cylon ally. In the T.V. Series they are from the Rebel cylon faction and the damaged basestar. They become colonial due to their inhibitors being removed after the final five were revealed to the raiders and Cavel ordered them to be dumbed down to happy little soldiers. During the last fight at the Colony ship the Red Stripes named for the red painted stripes on their bodies to distinguish them friendly. Eventually at the end the basestar was given to the remaining Red Stripes and freed to do what they will. While a few Cylons stayed on Earth.
Purpose for the wing:
1. To do something different.
2. To get a collaboration between the factions with events and training exercises.
3. To get a fresh start.
4. To allow for play during any time of your schedule depending on faction active players, which could deepen the challenge.
5. Work with former enemies and fight former friends and the occasional annoyance.
I am sure there are more but I am tired to think. This is just to get us started.

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