Application for membership of UCFC Caprica BSGO

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Application for membership of UCFC Caprica BSGO

Post  Lucky_Jack on Tue May 31, 2011 12:58 am

Please quote this thread and fill in appropriate information

Player name:

Time of day you normally play: (PST)

Hours per week you play BSGO:

Total time spent playing BSGO:

How many other accounts do you own on BSGO:

Previous MMO games played:

Are you a Introvert or Extrovert and explain:

List your hobbies:

List your top five skills:

Why do you wish to join:

Are you a strike pilot Escort pilot line pilot or carrier pilot:

What is your greatest weakness in this class:

What is your greatest strength in this class:

What type of role do you prefer (Leader or follower):

After applying you must register with the forum with your game name. Someone will contact you in game with further details on becoming promoted. LJ out ...ET...

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