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Wing rank system expanded

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Wing rank system expanded Empty Wing rank system expanded

Post  Lucky_Jack Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:54 pm

Everyone will start out as a Toaster. Once a player reaches level 10 they are promoted to Raider.

Raiders are the main force of the wing and are varied by level and class. One can be promoted to Centurion by getting on Dolby Axon and being regular player.

Centurion are the back bone of the wing. They carry out training as well as being the leaders of squadrons. To be promoted to Centurion one must earn the position.

Centurion Tribunes are the leadership element of the wing. They are the top dogs under the commanding officers. Their positions are earned and can be competed for.
In order to become a Centurion Tribune you must first challenge one the the current Centurion Tribunes to a duel. You must beat a current Tribune two times in a row and be confirmed by the loser. Once a Centurion Tribune has been beaten the challenger becomes the new Centurion Tribune. There will not be more than six Centurion Tribunes, but four will be the standard until otherwise changed.

The next rank is the commanding officer ranks. These are the fleet commanders and the ones who run wing operations. There is to be a max of three but two will be the norm for now. In order to become a ranking commanding officer one must achieve great standing in the wing and be highly commended on play style.

 Number seven is a top rank associated with the leader of the wing. This rank can not be achieved through any means other than the current leader stepping down.

This is a brief explanation to the ranking system of Red Stripes.
These rules and requirements are subject to change at any time and for any reason.
Any questions should be directed to LJ.

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